Sash Window Renovation & Restoration

Over time a home will begin to display a myriad of problems, especially around the window area. Therefore, it will become necessary to do some sash window repairs to update the home and eliminate the problems that have occurred such as moisture build up and increased noise and pollution. When we perform a sash window renovation or restoration, it will not only eliminate moisture and wear and tear to the windows, but it will also give the home a more aesthetically pleasing look by restoring the windows to their as new appearance.

Renovate Your Home With Professional Sash Window Renovation!

Often when someone notices that their sash windows have blemishes, they commonly think that they need replacing, which in many cases is an expensive option. However, homeowners no longer have to completely replace their sash windows because they can choose to renovate their windows, incorparating double glazing and draught proofing at a fraction of the cost of buying new windows. These new materials on the market are more energy efficient, come with replacement staffs and parting beads that have a unique brush system that keeps draughts, noise and pollution at bay.

Sash window repair, when done correctly, will make your windows look like new once more, and more importantly it will reduce your energy cost. It will reduce your energy consumption because a home that needs sash window repair most likely is losing valuable energy. The home may not be able to keep cold or warm air inside the home, and this makes your heating system works harder and uses more energy. Therefore, after the window sash repair, you will soon notice a window that is draught proof and more energy efficient.

Another important benefit that you will realize when you replace your broken sash windows is less allergy symptoms, if anyone in your family has allergy problems. This is due in part to less dust and other pollutants penetrating the windows and into your home.

As you can see, you no longer have to live with broken sash windows, and be subjected to energy loss or suffer from allergy due to dust and other pollutants. With the new technology in the window business, you can get your sash window repair for a fraction of the cost of new windows and save money at the same time. This makes it a good time to look at your windows and consider fixing those problems.

Sash windows help to maintain the character of the home. If you find that sash window replacement is a must, new windows can be created that are exactly like the ones you already have. This saves you from having to replace all windows in the home if you only have an issue with one or two. Your house will look like it was originally intended to and you will save money in the process.

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"When I first had my survey with Andrew Moon, and the Sash Windows North West team, I thought the only way forward was to replace most of my windows. Andrew took the time to discuss with me my options and the services Sash Windows Northwest Ltd have to offer and I was extremely pleased to realise that my windows could get renovated at a fraction of the cost. Andrews knowledge of Window Repair was impressive and he gave me complete confidence that renovating instead of replacing at a lower cost but with the same benefits could be achieved".

"Now the windows have been completed I am amazed with the results. All my windows have been returned to their original condition, they are like new windows!! All the draughts and rattles are gone and now I look out my windows and admire them, knowing they will stand the test of time. Thank you Sash Windows Northwest!"

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