New Double Glazed Timber Windows, Disley, Manchester

New Double Glazed Timber Windows: Disley, Manchester

This is a residential property located in Disley Manchester which involved inserting new double glazed sashes into the existing frames. The client also had casement windows throughout her property and decided she would like the same benefit of double glazing but still retain the casements. We set about inserting new double glazed timber casements into the existing frames so as to retain any character to the property with the added benefit of a warmer and quieter home.

Draught Proofing & Timber Repairs

All windows were fitted with draught proofing and any timber repairs that were needed where carried out to an excellent standard. The owner of the property said “We are amazed as to how high the quality of service and craftsmanship was taken for our windows and already the house is so much warmer. I can once again admire looking out my windows. Thank you Sash Windows Northwest.”

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