Glazing & Encapsulation

Sash Window Encapsulation

When clients upgrade to double glazed sashes it is a job specific to maintain the look and ethos of the property by keeping or replicating lead designs within the new double glazed units.

We have undertaken this work on many occasions both on sash windows and on casement windows. A couple of clients have designed their own stained glass to be encapsulated into a double glazed unit once we have given them the manufacture sizes from the designed replacement windows or sashes.

Please feel free to take a look at our portfolio here, full of fantastic work we have completed over the years.

Sash Window Glazing

We carry out re-glazing work on a variety of glass types as required by the customer or by Building Regulations. For instance, we can replace damaged single glazing with reclaimed glass of a similar type or use 4mm float glass. We can provide frosted glass from a variety of suppliers to try and match the clients’ existing pattern and we can provide laminated or toughened glass to windows where requested or required.

We can supply new sashes to match original profiles exactly with double glazed units fitted in them. These can be toughened, leaded or patterned as required.

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