Casement Windows

Casement Window Restoration & Refurbishment

Many home owners will have suffered with timber casement windows that have become stuck, are difficult to open and close, or are letting unwelcome draughts and debris through the ever widening gaps.

Our renovation methods are extremely thorough and we have many satisfied customers who’ve been surprised that we’ve been able to take their timber casement windows and return them to their original condition, and sometimes better, due to the addition of modern draught-proofing and double glazing.

Our draught-proofing system will help to control draughts and loss of heat together with reducing any rattles or frame noise.

Many old timber casement windows have seen a reduction in integrity due to inferior glues that were often used when they were put together. This can lead to joints opening and becoming exposed to the elements which in turn leads to rot, fungal growth and even insect attack. With the modern methods and advanced bonding materials used by our team of experts, we can extend the life of your timber casement window frames considerably.

All the wood in each window will be carefully examined and any areas that have been spoiled will be removed and skilfully replaced by splicing in similar grained wood, filled using our epoxy based wood filler and then matched precisely to the contours of the existing frame, before being given a coat of primer and painting is organised to give the window frame its final protective coat.

During renovation we can swap any windows with heat efficient K-Glass if requested, this being cheaper than replacing the entire window with a new double-glazed unit.

New Casement Windows

Renovating your existing timber casement windows is certainly more cost effective than replacing the windows entirely, though we can of course supply brand new double glazed casement windows to match any design if required. We offer a full range of modern timber Casement windows manufactured bespoke to your specification.