Sash Window Renovation and Draught Proofing Crosby

Sash Window Renovation and Draught Proofing Crosby

Sash window renovation and draught proofing has been carried out on project based over in Crosby, Liverpool. The Sash Windows Northwest team worked hard on this sash window restoration project, which involved a number of services.

We have used our draught proofing techniques to help improve the durability of the properties sash windows. Our process ensures that the functionality of the windows remains entirely operational, with absolutely no alterations to how the windows look. This work will not only reduce draughts caused by the sash windows, but it will help to control dust and window rattling too.

The team carried out extensive rot repair in the windows, as well as splice work where we removed the decayed timber back to the areas which were not rotted. We then replaced the wood with a new timber splice that is cut to size. We also had to rebuild a number of the sashes in the windows due to the level of decay of the wood.

The end result looks absolutely fantastic and we’re thrilled to have worked on this project.

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Sash Window Renovation and Draught Proofing Crosby Liverpool


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