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Eco-Friendly: How We Care For The Environment

Here at Sash Windows Northwest, we fully acknowledge the impact and effect that day-to-day operations can both directly and indirectly affect the environment. Our mission is to protect and improve our eco footprint through our work by method of good management and by adopting the most eco-friendly practices wherever possible. We understand the importance of taking environmental issues into consideration when it comes to making decisions for our business, and so we make sure to adopt greener alternatives of operation in any way we can.

Read on for more information on our environmentally friendly practices:

Where Does Our Timber Come From?

All the timber used by Sash Windows Northwest are either FSC or PEFC certified and is purchased from suppliers who source timber from around the world.

Environmentally Friendly | Bespoke Timber Casement Windows, Chipping, Longridge Fell

In 2008 our manufacturers installed a wood burning furnace to heat the premises. They now recycle all our off cuts from production, which heats the work space and in turn reduces the amount of waste disposal to land fill. Prior to this the site was heated using a combination of a very old and inefficient oil fired boiler and a gas space heater. Both of which are now redundant!

Do We Recycle?

Old timber frames and windows are removed from site by our installers and are then brought back to our workshop and dismantled. The glass and old iron weights are removed and the iron weights will be recycled into component parts for new projects.

All other waste is removed by a registered carrier and is sorted and recycled.

Always Improving

Every day we strive to do better and reduce any harmful impact our business may have on the environment, and we encourage others to do the same where possible. For more information, check out our environmental page. If you have any questions about our practices, please email us at

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