Bespoke Windows & Doors

Our team of craftsmen can design and tailor brand new Sash Windows or bring the life back to an old Gothic Sash or Timber window, refurbish or replace Roof Lights, or hand craft an old arched Church Window. No matter how large the challenge may seem, our skilled and experienced team will be able to provide a solution to your Sash or Timber Window needs!

Our experience stretches far past just windows, it extends to doors of all types and of all ages, to hardware that mimics a classical design. We take great pride and pleasure in restoring or crafting new doors to fit older properties as if the original door never left.

We can supply a whole property with made to measure timber windows. We have a variety of options available on offer, from standard sizes to bespoke sizes, a choice of frame colours, wood stains and more.

Get in Touch

Feel free to send us a picture of your Sash Windows or doors that may need replacing so our team of surveyors can provide you with an estimated quote price for the work that needs to be done to restore them to their former glory.

Contact us today for more information about sash window services or if you have any questions regarding a project. Please call us on 01772 619787 or email us at, and we would happy to help with your sash window needs. You can also follow our page over on Facebook here.