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At Sash Windows Northwest we carry out sash window restoration and timber window repair, and can return your sash and casement windows back to full working condition with advanced techniques to improve the window's insulation, draught-proofing and condensation control. We can also provide double glazed sash windows to help increase the durability of your sash windows.

There's no need to compromise on the look of your home by replacing your sash windows with expensive alternatives, and we can simply carry out our sash window restoration process to refurbish your sash windows and timber windows to better than new with the latest developments in brush systems too. These techniques help to cut down the noise, as well as acting as a barrier to heat escaping, allowing you to reduce energy usage and cut household bills. Whether you need replacement staffs and beads, or bespoke double glazing units to fit your existing sash and casement windows, at Sash Windows Northwest we can offer a wide range of solutions that enable you to keep your original windows while bringing them up to date with effective insulation and security.

Explore our site to see more of our sash window restoration and double-glazing options across all types of timber windows, then call today on 01772 619787 for more information or to request a personalised survey of your home.


Sash Window Renovation

Over time a home will begin to display a myriad of problems, especially around the window area. Hence, it becomes necessary to do some sash window repairs to update the home and eliminate the problems caused by weathering, use and age...

Sash Windows

Sash Windows North West

Sash windows are an important part of a building's history and can be read like a book; they tell us not only of the changing architectural taste and style but also of social hierarchy...

Draught Proofing

Draught Proofing of Sash Windows

Take any combination of the words draught/weather and proofing/stripping/sealing, they all mean exactly the same thing: anything done to reduce air leakage. More heat is lost in this way than any other...

Casement/Timber Window Repair

Casement and Timber Window Restoration

As well as our sash window services, we have years of experience in the repair, replacement and refurbishment of timber casement windows...

Glazing & Secondary Glazing

Glazing and Secondary Glazing for Sash and Casement Windows

We carry out secondary glazing, or re-glazing work, in a variety of types of glass as required by the customer or by Building Regulations. For instance we can replace damaged single glazing with reclaimed glass of a similar...

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